Thursday, 14 August 2008

Bhutan ; No need to panic- enough fuel says Trade

August 13: The road closure on the Thimphu-Phuentsholing highway has brought along with it a set of problems. Yesterday morning, motorists in Thimphu queued to fill up at the gas stations.

Taxi drivers, office goers, businessmen and travelers queued at various oil distributing outlets for several hours as the pumps ran out of petrol yesterday morning.

At the Druk petroleum in Chubachu, petrol stock ran out and this according to the Assistant manager was because of the lack of regular supply from Phuentsholing. He said their supply tankers are stranded at the road block point at Takti.

The situation was no different at the Bhutan Oil Distributor in Lungtenzampa. Here too, petrol stock ran out and vehicles lined up for hours waiting for the tanker to bring in the stock from the Dechencholing Depot.

Some of the people BBS spoke to said that the management should have done something before such situation came about.

However, it was all smiles as the tanker arrived around mid day. There were then people coming with jerry cans and pet bottles. Police were also at scene to ensure a smooth flow.

Dilip Chhetri the senior manger of the Bhutan Oil Distributor in Lungtenzampa said the regular supply is disrupted because of the road block on the Thimphu-Phuentsholing highway. He said 11 of their tankers are stranded at Gedu.

Commenting on the situation in the capital yesterday morning, the Trade Department says that there is no reason for the people to worry.

The Joint Director of the Internal Trade Department Dophu Tshering said the retail outlets in Thimphu have been supplied with 90,000 liters of petrol and diesel yesterday morning.

He said there is enough stock of fuel in the country and in case the stock needs to be replenished, the Trade Department is working on plans to bring in fuel via Gelephu.

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