Friday, 8 August 2008

Bhutan : Late blight affects potato production in Yusipang

August 7: The outbreak of late blight, a potato plant disease, is affecting potato production in the farms of Yusipang in Thimphu.

The disease occurs during monsoon season. The blight appears first as light to dark green spot. It usually appears first on the lower leaves and then affects the potato plant leaves in an upward direction.

During cool, moist weather, the spots spread on the leaves rapidly into dark or brown color and ultimately killing the plants. The spots also spread down petioles and stems of the plant.

Kezang Tshering, the research officer in the horticulture sector at Yusipang said farmers are being advised to use chemical spray containing fungicide to prevent the outbreak of late blight. But he said farmers do not use the chemical spray on time.

Kezang Tshering said if chemical spray are reached out to the farmers on time and if farmers use the spray as recommended by the agriculture workers then the production will pick up.

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