Thursday, 28 August 2008

Bhutan : New curriculum for embroidery

August 27: Zorig Chusum or Arts and Crafts Institutes in the kingdom will soon have a proper Tshemdru or embroidery curriculum. Until now, the institutes have been following the traditional way of passing down the skills.

Experts have gathered at the Vocational Training Institute in Khuruthang to develop a new curriculum for Tshemdru or embroidery.

The new curriculum which will be in Dzongkha is expected to help improve the quality of the craftsmanship and meet the demand and supply of skills.

Karma Lhazom, the officiating chief of the training and professional services division of the Department of Human Resources said the institutes do not have prescribed curriculum until now and have been following the traditional way of passing down skills of embroidery with experienced craftsmen teaching the novice.

She said with a prescribed curriculum, the task and responsibilities of teachers will be specified. The curriculum will be designed looking at the needs and will be user friendly both for the teachers and the learners.

It is also expected to set standards for skill delivery. The new curriculum will be implemented from next year.

Meanwhile experts are also revising the curriculum for first year Automobile Engineering course.

The workshop is organized by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources.

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