Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Bhutan : Hotel management course

4 August, 2008 - The need for professionalism in the service industry has never been felt like today, with the increasing number of tourist flowing in the country every year.

With this in mind, a tourism department-approved hotel management programme, that started last month, is being conducted for 30 hoteliers from across the country in the royal institute of management (RIM).

The Nu 95 million programme will provide hoteliers with all the basic skills of hotel management and other professional training to do with the hospitality industry.

The course is like other normal hotel education and diploma programme acceptable around the world. Hoteliers, after completing the course, will be awarded a diploma in hotel management from the Swiss University HWZ in Zurich and a parallel certificate from RIM.

During the programme, expertise from different hotels were also invited to share their knowledge and make presentations.

After completion of the two-month course, the trainees will be sent back to their respective hotels and apply to whatever degree possible their acquired knowledge.

The programme coordinator said, “It’s a unique approach where all the trainings are given for free and the teaching is equal to any other international standard.”

The whole programme is sponsored by the Jacob and Elysium foundation, based in Swizerland.

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