Friday, 27 June 2008

Bhutan : New Dechenchholing town deserted

June 26: The new Dechenchholing town in Thimphu looks deserted and abandoned with no one visiting the town.

A diversion from the main road leads to the town. Located below the newly built road, the cluster of houses which constitute the new town is not even visible from the main road.

11 families live in the new town. Eight of them run shops. They shifted to the new town six months ago. Shopkeepers said hardly any customer visit their shops. Most of the time, they sit around exchanging small talk. They said sometimes they cannot even earn Nu. five in a day.

A few meters from the new town is the old town. Here it is the exact opposite. The shopkeepers are kept busy with a constant stream of customers pouring into the shops. Shopkeepers in the new town says if the situation remains the same, they may even have to close shop and go back to the old town.

The shop keepers said even the city bus, taxis and the garbage truck ply to and from the old town. They said they have approached the concerned authorities and are hoping that something would be done to help them out.

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