Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bhutan : India take part in Coronation Shield archery tournament

June 17: For the first time an archery team from Sikkim, India is taking part in the coronation shield archery tournament. The team took on Kay Dee Timber yesterday.

Two matches are being played simultaneously at the changbangdu archery ground opposite the Changjiji housing complex.

Yesterday Thimphu United took on USD11 and Kay Dee Timber played against Sikkim Archery association.

The secretary general of the Bhutan Archery Federation Dorji Namgay said so far 16 matches have been played. Two matches will be played on June 18. The finals are slated for July 12.

T.B subbha from Gangtok, has been playing archery for the last seven years. In Sikkim an archery team consists of seven players. He said the distance between the two targets is much longer in Bhutan.

However the dacham or the dance performed after hitting the target he said is almost same.

Bhutan Archery Federation organizes four tournaments in a year, two on compound bow and two on traditional bow. The tournament is being organized by the Bhutan Archery federation.

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