Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Bhutan : Audit Report 2007 record irregularities of about Nu. 200 million

June 24:
The Annual Audit Report 2007, recorded irregularities of about Nu. 200 million compared to Nu. 186 million in 2006.

Of that Nu. 144 million was recorded from budgeted agencies meaning government ministries and dzongkhags. The remaining Nu. 54 million was reported in corporations, financial institutions, ad non governmental organizations.

The Annual Audit Report says one of the major contributors to the increase in irregularities is the focused auditing of the Expressway Project under the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement.

The irregularities were divided into fraud, corruption and embezzlement, mismanagement, and violation of laws and rules, and shortfall, lapses and deficiencies.

Among the government agencies, the highest amount of irregularities was reported in the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement at about Nu. 49 million.

It was followed by the Dzongkhag Administration with 15 dzongkhag administrations showing a total irregularity of over Nu. 40 million.

Among the corporations, financial institutions and Non Governmental Organizations, the largest irregularity was recorded in the state trading corporation of Bhutan at around Nu. 41 million. The irregularity was recorded in terms of shortfalls and lapses.

The irregularity among corporations has decreased from Nu. 80 million in 2006 to about Nu. 54 million in 2007.

Of 500 audit reports in 2007, the royal Audit authority forwarded 32 cases of significant issues to the office of the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The Audit Authority recovered about Nu. 80 million in 2007, the highest so far. In 2006, it managed to recover about Nu. 46 million.

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