Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bhutan : His Majesty to leave for Lhuentse and Monggar

March 4: His Majesty, attending his first National Assembly session as King in December 2006, had stated that all Bhutanese deserving of Kidu would receive it. In this regard, because land issues are the single most pervasive problem for Bhutanese of all walks of life, His Majesty stated that he would find a complete solution to such difficulties faced by the people.

The newly formed National Land Commission was advised by His Majesty in August 2007 to begin work on a comprehensive Cadastral Re-survey that would facilitate a lasting solution to land issues. This survey, begun in June 2008, has now been completed in Lhuentse Dzongkhag and parts of Monggar.

His Majesty will travel to all the geogs in Lhuentse including the remotest villages and to those geogs in Monggar where the re-survey has been completed.

During the royal visit, His Majesty will sit with the members of each household and discuss the findings of the re-survey and possible solutions to the problems facing the people.

Officials of the National Land Commission and the Dzongkhag as well as people’s representatives and local leaders will accompany His Majesty. The Dzongkhags and National Land Commission encourage all affected Thram holders and heads of households to avail of this special opportunity to resolve their problems during the royal visit.

His Majesty will also grant Kidu to students, landless farmers and the old and disabled. His Majesty will grant Audiences to students who have excelled in their studies in the past year and meet Dzongkhag, community and local officials and leaders.

His Majesty leaves for the Royal Tour at the end of this week and consultations will begin early next week.

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