Monday, 16 March 2009

Bhutan : His Majesty grants kidu to 433 people in Chusa village of Minjey Geog in Lhuentse

March 15:His Majesty today issued Kasho, granting kidu to 433 people in Chusa village under Minjey Geog in Lhuentse.

His Majesty issued the Kidu Kasho to those who have excess land, people who had khimsa on government land and to those who were landless. His Majesty scrutinized every kidu cases in detail before issuing the Kasho to the most deserving ones.

Addressing a gathering of more than one thousand people, His Majesty said the main purpose of his visit is to see to the land kidu of the people. His Majesty said he is also here to see the living condition of the people in the villages and how their children are going to schools.

His Majesty said he had committed to look into the land issues affecting the Bhutanese people. His Majesty said it will firstly benefit the people and their children. His Majesty said Bhutan will remain stronger as a country if the citizens are capable and happy.

His Majesty then granted audience to each and every household present at the meeting. His Majesty discussed the findings of the National Cadastral Survey, talked to them and issued kasho, granting kidu to the deserving ones. For many, it was the happiest moment in their lives as His Majesty solved one of the most pressing issues confronting them.

According to the findings of the National Cadastral Survey, 443 thram holders under six chiwogs in Menjey geog are affected. There are more than 500 thram holders and around 300 households in the geog.

As per the survey data, the total land excess payment amounts to more than eight million ngultrums. Twelve thram holders from the geog have paid about two hundred ad fifty thousand ngultrums as payment for excess land to the government.

Talking to BBS the Kidu recipients said they are extremely grateful to His Majesty for granting land Kidu and solving the issue affecting the lives. They said as subsistence farmers they cannot afford to pay for excess land. They said they will always pray for His Majesty’s long life and peace and prosperity of the country.

Although the meeting was meant for the people of Menjey Geog, people had traveled from other geogs to offer Thridar to His Majesty. For them, especially those coming from from remote places, it was a rare opportunity to offer thridar and receive the coronation coins from His Majesty the King.

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