Saturday, 7 March 2009

Bhutan : Betnovate and Dipsalic could cause permanent damage to facial skin

March 7: Many Bhutanese women use Betnovate and Dipsalic to remove pigmentation on their face. It is not advisable to use these two creams according to doctors. Dr. Tez Kumari Sharma, a dermatologist with the national referral hospital, says using them regularly can damage your skin, sometimes permanently.

Dr. Tez Kumari Sharma gets at least 20 patients everyday. Most of her patients are women who have spoiled their facial skin by applying medicines like Betnovate and Dipsalic. She said people suffering from skin problems should consult health workers first before applying pigment removal creams that are available in pharmaceutical shops.

She said Betnovate and Dipsalic creams if applied on other parts of the body may work wonders sometimes but the same medicine if applied on the tender skin of the face may spoil the face, sometimes permanently.

“These are medicines are randomly applied by young ladies to remove pigmentation following child birth. The skin of the face is very tender and applying these medicines will make the skin layer very thin, the blood vessels will start showing on the top of the skin on the face,” she said.

Pigmentation on the face is caused by excessive exposure to the sun and sometimes due to hormonal changes in the body. The pigmentation will gradually disappear. It can be prevented by using cap, sun glasses and by applying sunscreen

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