Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Bhutan : His Majesty graces 3rd convocation of Paro and Samtse Colleges of Education

February 17: Educating our people is the first step to fulfilling the aspirations as a nation. His Majesty the King was addressing the 3rd convocation of Paro and Samtse Colleges of Education. His Majesty said providing free education alone is not enough.

Speaking to the graduates, His Majesty said it is also important to provide education with quality that will guarantee a distinguished place for the youth anywhere in the world. His Majesty is also the chancellor of the Royal University of Bhutan. The convocation ceremony was held at the Paro College of education today. Her Royal Highness Ashi Sonam Dechan Wangchuck also attended the convocation.

Of the 1,681 teacher graduates of 2006, 2007 and 2008 from Samtse and Paro colleges of education, around one thousand received their certificates from His Majesty the King today.

As His Majesty the King awarded the certificates, His Majesty made a special gesture for the teacher graduates and through them to the teaching profession. His Majesty stood beside each and every one of the 1000 graduates to take a picture with them.

His Majesty’s message is clear. Addressing the graduates, His Majesty the King said standards must be set in schools. His Majesty said how we address the quality of education now will determine whether we will build strong young citizens who will ensure a long bright future for the nation or fail and confine such a large number of our young children and their children to generations of hardship and struggle.

About 500 teacher graduates from the two colleges of education every year but still there is a serious teacher shortage. To meet the gap, the Royal University of Bhutan has been increasing the intake by 15% every year. There are also plans to establish new teacher colleges in Bhutan in the 10th Five Year Plan.

After the graduation ceremony, BBS spoke to some of the graduates. They said they were deeply inspired by the address of His Majesty the King. They said they were also deeply touched by the gesture of His Majesty the King, for awarding the certificates personally and the special gesture that His Majesty made by taking pictures with every single graduate.


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