Monday, 2 February 2009

Bhutan : Gelephu hot spring needs maintenance visitors say

February 1: Every winter, thousands of people from various parts of the country visit the Gelephu Tshachu. But with the number of visitors increasing by the year, the general condition at the Tshachu has deteriorated.

Visitors said the guest house is in need of repair, there are not enough toilets, and there is no proper drinking water facility.

Some of the visitors live in the guest house but the majority live in tents near the hot spring. They say the guest house is badly in need of renovation with many windows and doors broken.

The Tshachu area is also littered with garbage.

People visiting the hot spring are of the opinion that a proper drainage system will improve the cleanliness.

There are not enough toilets and people defecate everywhere. Visitors say the existing toilets need to be repaired and additional toilets built to cater to the increasing number of visitors.

There is no proper drinking water facility in the area according to visitors.

The Gelephu Tshachu is one of the popular hot springs in the country and is believed to cure several diseases including ulcer, joint pains, and tuberculosis.

The caretaker said the dungkhag is planning to construct more toilets and provide proper drinking water facilities.

Visitors said lack of civic sense on the part of the people who come to the Tshachu is also contributing to the deteriorating conditions. They said if the visitors are not made responsible and the area remains dirty and unhygienic, people could suffer from infectious diseases after visiting the Tshachu.

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