Friday, 23 May 2008

How rachus are worn: The right way and wrong

22 May, 2008 - It seems that there is still some confusion on the proper way of using the rachu. This became apparent when the BBSTV camera panned the audience gallery during its live broadcast of the ongoing joint session of Parliament this week.

Schoolgirls attending the session wore the rachu in different ways. Some wore it around the neck while others slung it over the left shoulder.

According to a driglam namzha expert from the cultural department, the rachu should be worn hanging from the left shoulder. While bowing down or showing respect, one fold of the rachu should go around the right shoulder so that the two ends are in each open palm.

According to another expert, the rachu should be worn around the shoulders while seated in religious ceremonies but, in formal settings such as the Assembly hall, it should hang from the left shoulder.

“I saw a female MP bowing to a minister without putting the rachu around her shoulder,” said an observer. Parliamentarians were oriented on the proper way of using the rachu and kabney before the start of the session.

Sonam, a corporate worker, said, “I only know one way of wearing the rachu, that is by hanging it from my left shoulder and I usually bow in reverence with the rachu in same way but holding both my hands at the end of strings.”

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