Monday, 12 May 2008

Bhutanese park in Austria

Drukyul- a Bhutanese park in Austria’s capital Vienna is attracting Austrians enquiring about Bhutan.

The Park was developed last year by the Austrian-Bhutanese Society to commemorate 100 years of Monarchy in Bhutan.

The President of the Austrian- Bhutanese Society, Dr Claus Walter said the Drukyul Park is a symbol of friendship between Bhutan and Austria.

The park features plants and flowers that are grown in Bhutan, recreational facilities including a children’s’ play ground and information boards on Bhutan.

For many Austrian, the park is a favorite picnic spot. Dr Claus Walter said ever since the park was developed, many Austrian people have taken interest in Bhutan.

The Austrian-Bhutanese Society is a non-profit organization working on people to people level.

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