Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bhutan : Kanglung BHU treats over 80 diarrhoea patients

June 18: The Basic Health Unit (BHU) in Kanglung has been receiving many diarrhoea patients of late. Just this week, the BHU received over 80 diarrhoea patients.

According to the BHU staff, most of the patients were students. They said it is normal to suffer from diarrhoea at this time of the year.

However the figure this year is unusually high. They said it could have been caused by unclean drinking water.

Officials from the Dzongkhag health sector visited the water source. Health officials said it is important to boil and filter drinking water especially at this time of the year.

They also advise people to wash their hands before and after every meal and keep their toilets clean.

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