Friday, 5 June 2009

Bhutan : Bhutan Telecom to introduce M-money

June 3: Soon people will not have to go to the bill collection centres to pay their utility bills. They can make bill payments online or through the mobile phones.

Bhutan Telecom says the facility, called M-money or mobile money payment, will be a one stop shop for making payments of all utility bills including telephone, electricity and water bills.

To discuss and raise awareness on it, Bhutan Telecom today conducted a day long workshop.

Bhutan Telecom says the facility is being initiated to help people make optimum use of Information and Communication Technology and thereby make their lives more comfortable.

The Managing Director of Bhutan Telecom said it will also help reduce the cost for both the service providers and consumers.

He said the facility is also to make use of mobile applications since there has been an exceptional increase in the number of mobile users.

During the workshop, the participants were briefed on the market situation and advantages of M-money in the country. The participants also discussed about the feasibility of such facility in the country.

The participants were briefed by two resource persons from Siemens Information Systems Limited in India.

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