Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bhutan : Bumthang’s new town takes shape

22 May, 2009 - The much-awaited Dekiling new town site in Bumthang is ready. Six years after planners targeted to hand over plots to Bumthang businessmen, infrastructure like electricity, drainage, waste dumpyard, internal road network and bus terminal were completed for the centrally located town site in the first phase of the relocation project.

However, the 75 businessmen, awarded plots, will have to wait for two more months before they can develop them. The dzongkhag engineer, Langa Dorji, said that the dzongkhag was ready to allot plots, but the government asked them to wait for another two months. “The new government would probably be looking into better prospects for Chamkhar town, as Dekiling town looks so small,” he said.

Meanwhile, there are about 136 business license holders in Chamkhar town, who will eventually move to Dekiling.

The 61 remaining businessmen will stay in the present Chamkhar town, but all the facilities, including the bus terminal, will be shifted to Dekiling once the town is ready, according to the dzongkhag officials.

About 13.20 acres of land has been acquired for this phase I of the relocation project. Another 30 acres of land will be acquired in the second phase.

The new town will have all the basic urban amenities and all buildings will be up to three storied, as agreed in the past DYT and with officials of the department of urban development and housing.

Dekiling town is about 1.7 km from Chamkhar towards Kurje lhakhang.

By Nima Wangdi

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