Friday, 8 May 2009

Bhutan : Bhutan Telecom initiates voluntary retirement scheme

May 7: Some of the Bhutan Telecom staff in Samtse say they are being pressurized to apply for voluntary retirement scheme. They said they have been given till 3 pm today to apply for the voluntary retirement scheme.

Some of the employees said the management is threatening to send them on compulsory retirement if they do not apply for the voluntary retirement scheme. Those who are sent on compulsory retirement stand to lose 35 percent of their retirement benefits.

They said the scheme is not fair because it is targeted at employees in the lower rung.

The management of Bhutan Telecom has denied this.

An official said the voluntary retirement scheme is open to everybody and the management has not forced any one to apply for the scheme. He said the scheme was initiated to downsize the staff.

The deadline to apply for the scheme is May 12.

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