Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Trongsa Ta-dzong renovation nears completion

March 19: The renovation of the 16th century Ta-dzong or the watch tower in Trongsa is almost complete.

According to the curator, the structural renovation will complete by May this year. It will be inaugurated in June.

The Ta-dzong was used as a watch tower in the past. Now it used be converted as a museum.

Like all the other Ta-dzongs across the country, the Ta-dzong in Trongsa is located on a hillock overlooking the valley below. From here, you can see anybody approaching the dzong. It is not difficult to see why the Ta-dzong was built here.

Built in 1652 by Choeje Minjur Tenpa, the Ta-dzong was used as a watch tower to look out for approaching enemies. Over the years, with Bhutan enjoying unprecedented peace, the Ta-dzong here fell into disuse as did other Ta-dzongs in other parts of the country.

In 2006, the government decided to renovate the Ta-dzong realizing its importance in the history of Bhutan. At the moment about 100 carpenters, masons, and labourers are putting the final touches. With the renovation work complete, the Ta-dzong will be converted as a museum.

The curator, Dorji Namgay, said the displays in the museum will include among other artifacts, the Raven Crown of the first and second hereditary monarchs of Bhutan.

The museum is being built at a cost of over Nu. 100 million with financial support from the government and Austria.

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