Monday, 9 January 2012

Bhutan - Buddha’s relic displayed in Thailand

The tooth relic of Lord Buddha, which was taken from Bhutan,is being displayed to thousands of worshippers comprising of local residents and tourists in the northern province of Chiang Mai, Thailand. A procession was held to receive the relic from the Chiang Mai Airport to the temple.

Officials from the National Office of Buddhism brought the relic by air to Chiang Mai to be put on display at the main hall of Phra Sing Worawihan Temple.

The relic will be on display in Chiang Mai until January 19. After that, it will be taken to the southern province of Songkhla and the northeastern province of Khon Kaen before being taken to Bangkok.

The relic will be returned to Bhutan on February 20.

Reports say that Bhutan has lent Thailand the relic as part of the celebrations of the 84th birth anniversary of His Majesty the King of Thailand last month. The relic was earlier displayed in Bangkok during the Royal birthday celebrations.

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