Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bhutan - Bhutan Travel Experience and the Asian Switzerland

The myth and fascinating reality of Switzerland showcased in a million stories and anecdotes as Europe's paradise on earth has permeated the global consciousness for generations. From Swiss watches to Swiss cheese and from the Swiss Alps to the breath-taking beauty of Swiss lakes, no other country the same size has made its mark on cultures. With one exception though-Bhutan. This is at least true though for those adventure-seeking globe trotters who have experienced Bhutan travel first hand not by watching a stunning National Geographic special on Bhutan treks, Bhutan holidays or Bhutan vacations but by stepping on Bhutanese soil by traveling to Bhutan as a guest of the monarchy since every tourist is a revered guest.
Bhutan travel encompasses at least a Dozen Twists...
Bhutan isn't called "the Land between Heaven and Earth," or "the Fairyland Kingdom," or "Shangri-la" for nothing. The government has sensibly promulgated a long list of rules that govern Bhutan travel. Here are a few for starters all of which have done the job to letter perfection and preserved the pristine cultural and natural heritage of the country:

Planning your Bhutan travel itinerary
You can't simply pick up your bags, board a flight and hop off at the airport in Bhutan, You can visit Bhutan only by participating in a government sponsored travel program in which you pay approximately $250 per day to enjoy the penultimate Bhutan travel experience. The daily fee includes just about everything-your hotel stay, food, personal tour guide, private transportation, entry tickets to monasteries and other places of interest, and once in a while, a meal at an ethnic Bhutanese restaurant. We have both good and bad news for shopoholics. The bad news is that the Bhutan government won't pay you for your personal shopping. The good news, however, is that there is a mind-boggling array of choices to select from most of which are so cheap that you are going to run out of money before you know it!
Visa for Bhutan travel
The visa for your Bhutan travel program is going to be issued by your tour operator and not by any embassy. It will run you no more than $20 per person. We think that's a deal and we know you will agree. This helps the Bhutan government to cautiously control how many tourists are allowed into the country each year much like non-immigrant visas. Bottom line? Plan early because the whole world is gradually beginning to find out what a genuine deal Bhutan travel happens to be and we obviously wouldn't want you to be disappointed!

Bhutan travel means one airport one airline
There is only one airport in the entire country located at Paro and there is only one airline, Druk Air, which flies into the country and that too from no more than about half a dozen countries. It is therefore a great idea to plan your Bhutan holiday at least three or four months in advance so that you are blessed with all the convenient flight connections there are available. Many travelers, who have shared their Bhutan experience first hand through blogs and wikis, have mentioned that the process of landing and take off in Bhutan is an experience on to itself.

What to see when you travel to Bhutan

Now that we have hopefully peaked your curiosity, we want you to conduct some research on Bhutan. Troll the Internet, check out a few travel guides, and most importantly, post an inquiry on your Facebook page to help you find a friend or business associate who has visited Bhutan. You don't need any Wikipedia articles to convince you because everyone who visits Bhutan, tends to rave about it and often wonders aloud why they didn't take the trip a lifetime ago.

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