Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bhutan - More than 3,400 houses damaged

UPDATE: The number of injured from the earthquake on Sunday has risen to nine. The quake damaged more than 3,400 houses, 12 dzongs, 220 other historical monuments and 63 education centres.

The earthquake also damaged 20 Gups offices, 15 RNR centres and a hospital and 11 Basic Health Units.

Of more than 3,400 houses damaged as of today, 1,491 were reported in Paro.

The Ta Dzong or the National Muesuem in Paro suffered minor damages. 52 lhakhangs and 19 chortens were also damaged in the dzongkhag.

In the capital Thimphu, the 6.9 magnitute earthquake caused numerous cracks to the Tashichhoedzong. The Utse of Lingshi Dzong and the Dungkhag office were completely damaged while half of the Lam’s residence collapsed. Three lhakhangs in Thimphu have also been damaged.

In Punakha 544 houses were damaged. The Puna Dewai Chenpoi Phodrang and the Talo Dzongs suffered numerous cracks. Besides, 30 lhakhangs, 11 chortens, nine educational centres, three Gup’s office, a basic Health Unit and a RNR centre have been damaged.

478 houses were damaged in Wangduephodrang. The Dzong and the Nyzergang Lhakhang developed numerous cracks.

31 lhakhangs, seven chortens, 25 educational centres, six Gup’s offices, five RNR offices and two Basic Health Units suffered damages.

Haa reported the maximum number of injuries. Of the eight injured in Sunday’s quake, four of them are undergoing treatment at the National referral Hospital. In terms of structural damages, several houses have been damaged.

Chhukha reported one casualty leaving another one injured. 130 houses were damaged. These include houses in Phuentsholing and Tshimalakha.

The Chhukha dzong, nine lhakhangs, 7 chortens, 4 educational centres, the Chhukha hospital, three Basic health Units and RNR Centres and a Gup’s office were also damaged.

In Samtse 73 houses, 3 lhakhangs, 4 education centres, 3 gups offices and a RNR centre was damaged. An injury case was also reported.

In Gasa, 115 houses, the dzong, two lhakhangs, three chortens, an educational centre, a Gup’s office, a Basic Health Unit and a RNR Center were also damaged.

117 houses were damaged in Dagana, along with the dzong, two lhakhangs, five chortens, five Gup’s offices, three educational centres, two RNR Centres and a Basic Health Unit.

Over in Trashigang, 214 houses, six lhakhangs, an educational centre and a Basic Health Unit was damaged.

Trashiyangtse reported of 111 houses that were damaged. The dzong, three lhakhangs and five educational centres also suffered damages.

In the other dzongkhags of Trongsa, Bumthang Zhemgang, Sarpang, Samdrupjongkhar Tsirang and Pema gatshel, a total of 137 houses were damaged. This does not include the Trongsa and Zhemgang dzongs.

A total of 22 lhakhangs, six chortens, 11 educational centres, two basic Health Units and a Gup’s Office were also damaged in these Dzongkhags.

This is only the preliminary report and the Department of Disaster Management is still in the process of compiling detailed reports.

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