Monday, 21 February 2011

Bhutan - New Dzongkha weekly hits stands

Druk Yoezer 21 February, 2011- “Druk Yoezer”, a Dzongkha weekly, hit the stands on February 19, making it the country’s eighth newspaper and the second weekly in the national language.

The newspaper, which at the moment has only two reporters, aims to gradually cover all 20 dzongkhags by travelling across the nation and working the phones.

Executive editor of the paper, Lobzang Dorji, said that, although coverage of news would be more or less the same like other papers, their main objective is to focus more on developing Dzongkha journalism, and make it as active as the English language editions.

“Most of the news in existing Dzongkha papers are translations of the news stories in English,” he said. “We’ll be collecting news purely in Dzongkha.”

He also said that sometimes there was no consistency in the translation of news from English to Dzongkha.

“Nobody pays much attention to Dzongkha grammar, spellings and sentence structure,” said Lobzang.

Meanwhile one of the editors of the other Dzongkha newspapers said that Druk Yoezer’s maiden issue had more feature stories and their focus appeared to be on business news.

A regular reader of other Dzongkha newspapers, Nima said that, while the layout and design were satisfactory, content could be improved. “The headline on the front page itself is like a greeting on a wishing card,” he added.

The editor of Druk Neytshul, the first private Dzongkha paper, Chimi Dorji, said that it was quite difficult taking care of everything from content to marketing.

“Since their main aim is for Dzongkha development, I hope they’ll get good readers,” he said.

The 16-page Druk Yoezer printed 2,500 copies this week which was distributed free. It will be regularly available for Nu 10 every Saturday.

By Nirmala Pokhrel

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