Saturday, 6 November 2010

His Majesty marks the 2nd Coronation anniversary

November 1: His Majesty the King marked the 2nd Coronation anniversary with the affected families and members of the relief team in Bumthang today.

Granting Tokha in purely traditional Bumthap style like Puta and Milk, His Majesty sat with them informally to boost the morale and hopes of the affected families.

His Majesty comforted them that He will personally oversee the relief works, which is currently underway.

Speaking to the soldiers and students of the Chumey Institute of Civil Engineering, His Majesty said that they had come together before to help the people when the unexpected natural disasters struck and they must come together in future also.

His Majesty said that he is proud and happy that they have kept alive the Bhutanese tradition of helping each other in times of need.

Meanwhile, on the Royal Command, the Motion Pictures Association of Bhutan has mobilised popular Bhutanese singers and comedians to entertain the people. His Majesty hopes that the singers and artistes will bring some smiles on the faces of these people who have lost everything in the fire.

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