Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bhutan : His Majesty commends good work

His Majesty the King graced the closing ceremony of the third session of parliament yesterday. Addressing the members of parliament, His Majesty congratulated Druk Phuensum Tshokpa government on the completion of one year and four months in office. “In these early days of a new political system while bearing great responsibilities you have, despite the limited resources, successfully carried out the difficult duties of government in service of the Tsawasum, His Majesty said. His Majesty said that the opposition, though comprised of only two members, had through diligence and commitment, fulfilled the important duties of the opposition party as enshrined in the constitution.

His Majesty also expressed gratitude and appreciation to the government and the members of parliament.I must express my deep gratitude and appreciation to the His Majesty commends good workgovernment and the members of parliament. It is with complete trust and faith that I look upon you to serve the people and country. In doing so, you have my wholehearted support,His Majesty said.We must also acknowledge that in preparation for democracy we had entrusted immense responsibilities on our civil servants and judiciary as well as on constitutional bodies such as the Royal Audit Authority, Anti-corruption Commission and Election Commission, which they have fulfilled in the service of the nation. Henceforth, for a vibrant and successful democracy, we must continue to support and strengthen these institutions.

His Majesty emphasised the role of media in bringing about a vibrant democracy.Media “ newspapers, television, radio and the internet“ must play a very important role. I appreciate that while some of the media agencies are young and lack adequate resources they have strived to perform their duties with Phuentsholingcomplete commitment. Speaking about his visits to the villages, His Majesty expressed his contentment in being a part of the ordinary people’s lives. “It is when I sit in the houses of my people, eat our meals together and discuss the lives and aspirations of each family, that I am most content. And while I am there I try, in small ways, to help them with their most pressing problems.Addressing the parliament, Opposition Leader said, alHis Majesty commends good workthough the complete parliament proceedings were not broadcast live, because of the good work done by the media, most people were aware of the parliament proceedings. The Speaker said some of the most critical issues that needed to be emphasized were eradicating poverty and providing employment to the youth. He said that the government should wholeheartedly support His Majesty granting kidus.

Prime Minister in his vote of thanks expressed his grievance over the recent death of the seven children. He said that he was thankful to His Majesty for sending his condolences and kudu to the bereaved families through Her Royal Highness Dechen Yangzom Wangchuck. National Council Chairperson expressed his gratitude to His Majesty for congratulating the parliamentarians and Druk Phuensum Tshogpa government magnanimously.

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